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Website Information Opening

1. Authorization method and scope
In order to facilitate the wide use of the website information, all the information and materials published on the Global Information Network of the Yangming Jiaotong University Service Learning Center are provided for public use in a free, non-exclusive, and sub-licensed manner within the scope of copyright protection. Unlimited time and place, remake, modify, edit, publicly transmit or use it in other ways to develop various products or services (referred to as value-added derivatives). This authorization will not be withdrawn subsequently, and users do not need to obtain Authorized by this agency in writing or otherwise; however, when using it, the source should be indicated.

2. Description of related matters
(1) The scope of this authorization is limited to the scope of copyright protection, not to other intellectual property rights, including but not limited to the provision of patents, trademarks, and agency logos.
(2) Whether the personal data disclosed by the parties themselves or by law can be collected, processed and used, the user must plan and implement the corresponding measures required by the law in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law.
(3) Some videos, images, musical scores, articles written by specially-designed projects or other works can only be used after the agency has specifically stated that they must obtain consent.

3. Care should be taken not to infringe upon the personality rights of a third party (including the right to express the name and the right to prohibit improper alteration).

4. The use of the information and materials provided by this license shall not maliciously change the relevant information. If the information displayed after use is inconsistent with the original materials and materials, the user shall bear the legal responsibility in civil and criminal matters.

5. The authorization of this website does not grant users the status of recommending, approving or approving its value-added derivatives on behalf of the agency.

6. In order to provide users with the right to choose the document software, some documents on this website are in the ODF open file format. It is recommended that you install free open source software or open the document with the software you are used to.