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Volunteer recruitment

Ministry of Foreign Affairs hold 2022「國際青年大使交流計畫」

1. In order to continue to provide opportunities for young Chinese students to participate in international exchanges, this year's resumption of the purpose-revealing plan will form a team of 30 international youth ambassadors, of which 20 have English publicity expertise and 10 have cultural talent expertise. A delegation is scheduled to go to Palau, a friendly country in the Asia-Pacific region, for a five-day visit in late August.
2. Applications will be accepted from now until July 14. Students under the age of 35 who are currently studying in Chinese universities and research institutes and who have the nationality of the Republic of my country are welcome to apply for the selection. In addition, because Palau is an island country in the western Pacific, the whole country attaches great importance to climate change and marine conservation issues. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also welcomes students who are concerned about sustainable development and environmental protection and ecology to apply.
3. Applicants must cooperate with the relevant prevention and quarantine measures in my country and Palau, and complete the COVID-19 supplement (the third dose) vaccination before registration
4. How to register
(1) Download the「外交部111年國際青年大使交流計畫甄選辦法」 and related application forms from the 「中華民國外交部全球資訊網」 or the 「外交部NGO雙語網」.
(2) Go to the website ( to complete the online registration information
(3) Send the completed application documents by registered mail to the "International Affairs Council for Non-Governmental Organizations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs" (Address: No. 2, Ketagalan Avenue, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 100) by registered mail before July 14.