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  Service Learning is an approach to whole-person education, which includes two equally important aspects of "service" and "learning", which closely integrates students with the society to which they belong. As far as students are concerned, service-learning can broaden their social participation and enhance their interpersonal and reflective abilities; as far as society is concerned, service-learning can expand the diversity of their activities and cultivate citizens who are enthusiastic about public affairs; Learning provides a brand-new interactive platform for teachers and students. Teachers are no longer pure instructors, and students are no longer pure learners. Instead, it is a process in which teachers and students learn together and enter the society together.

In the 1996 academic year, our school launched service learning courses, which are divided into service learning (1) and (2), which are required by all university students. Through the two-semester course, we hope that the students can understand the concept of service, learn the skills of service, implement the spirit of service, and then affirm the value of service; Through the process of “learning by doing”, students are expected to develop core competencies of lifelong useful independent thinking, communication and expression, teamwork, problem solving, self-management, leadership coordination, etc. .

NYCU's fine tradition of "knowing new things and going far, and being honest and committed" is based on solid professional training and an attitude of pursuing excellence, which are our most proud and valuable assets. An asset is contributed to the society, bringing a feast of "giving and receiving" to the people of NYCU, putting a blanket of humanistic care on the campus of NYCU, and writing the next history of the social role of NYCU.


Service Learning Philosophy and Vision

The school's service learning adheres to the core value of people-oriented, combines public service, project implementation and academic integration, and uses the spirit of whole-person education, cross-disciplinary cooperation and resource integration to cultivate students in the school to have critical thinking and teamwork. As well as the ability to solve problems, become an international citizen with both humanistic care and professional ethics.

Service Learning Center Mission

‧ Resource Integration
    Integrate resources and develop diverse service-learning projects

‧ Teaching assistance
   Development Course Modules
   training teacher assistant
   Course Administration Support

‧ Professional integration
    Promoting academic research and professional integration service projects

‧ Volunteering
    Promoting student participation in national and international volunteering


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